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Insulated Loft Doors

Manthorpe GL260 Push up loft door

Manthorpe GL260 Push up loft door

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The GL260 Push up Loft Access Door provides an unobtrusive and cost effective alternative to traditional loft space access.

The catches pull the door down onto the compression seal to give a tight seal between the door and frame preventing the problem of moist air entering the roof space and causing damage to the roof structure and items in the loft space. Also included within the back of the door is an insulation material.

The door and frame have been designed with the aesthetic appearance of the modern home in mind and finished with a lightly textured surface that can be easily cleaned with a solvent free damp cloth. Alternatively the GL260 can be painted to match interior decor.

Frame seals to ceiling Thermally insulated lid Secure catches to ensure draught sealing and to prevent wind uplift Easy-clean textured finish Pre-formed frame and fixing screws provided Foam compression seal for draught free fitting  

Specifications: Size: 662mm x 662mm

Fitting Size: 562mm x 562mm

Accessible opening size: 528mm x 528mm

Insulation Type: 50mm Expanded Polystyrene

U-Value: N/A

Packaging: Individually packaged in a polythene bag and cardboard box

Material: High Impact Polystyrene

Manufacturing Process: Injection Moulded

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