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Insulated Loft Doors

Manthorpe GL250 Insulated Loft door

Manthorpe GL250 Insulated Loft door

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Product Description:

The GL250 drop down loft door is an innovative solution to the need for energy efficient loft space access,
offering a cost effective alternative to traditional roof space entry. The unobtrusive design coupled with sleek,
contemporary styling makes the door an ideal match for modern decors.

The revolutionary design of the multi-point catch mechanism means that the GL250 door can maintain a more
effective draught seal around the entire accessible opening, helping to meet the air leakage requirements of
Part L of the Building Regulations and preventing the problem of moist warm air entering the roof space causing condensation and heat loss issues.

Available with a range of insulation options to suit all requirements of modern construction levels; from an entry
level insulation, to the Robust Construction Detail U-Value of 0.35 W/m7K and even down to a U-Value of 0.15W/m7K to help meet the higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes.


  • Low profile design with sleek, contemporary styling
  • The door and frame are fully draught sealed
  • Sliding door mechanism supports the seals with multiple perimeter catches
  • Frame screws up into ceiling timbers for simpler installation
  • Innovative hinge detail is hidden when the door is locked
  • Hinge pivot positioned to provide largest accessible opening
  • Insulated area on the back of the door is fully maximised



Colour - White

Size Overall: 856mm - 686mm

Fitting Size: 726mm - 562mm

Accessibility Opening Size: 715mm X 545mm

Insulation type: 50mm Expanded Polystyrene

U-Value: NA

BRE Air Tightness report no. 283-506

Packaging: Individually packaged in a polythene bag and cardboard box

Material: High Impact Polystyrene

Manufacturing Process: Injection Moulded

Single Person Installation: Yes



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